The HeartCheck Handheld™ EKG device was developed by CardioComm Solutions, Inc. 

CardioComm Solutions, Inc. (“CardioComm”) has been a consistent provider of ECG management software solutions in the English speaking world for the past 17 years. Its products are marketed as Global EKG Management System (GEMS™ and GlobalCardio™). 

CardioComm is ISO 13485 certified and its products have been cleared for sale in the United States, Canada and the European Union. Utilizing a patented and proprietary technology and ECG (signal) viewer unlike any other competitor has, and by offering flexible open ended work flow solutions, CardioComm provides the right solution for use with the majority of the world’s cardiac event monitors, including those intended for the home and tele-health market. The Company's products are sold worldwide to hospitals, call centers and physician’s offices through a combination of its external distribution network and its North American based sales team. 

CardioComm has achieved its technical goals of improved access and communication through the configurable use of its software for use on a single computer, over a LAN/WAN, or over Internet based networks and ASP services. This technology enables the recording, transfer, viewing, analyzing and storing of electrocardiograms (EKGs) over a global virtual healthcare network by physicians for the diagnosis and management of cardiac patients.


The HeartCheck™ family of devices are compact, easy to use, and take accurate heart readings anytime in only 30 seconds. Data can be downloaded and printed, or sent to a physician, clinic, or ECG coordinating centre*